Living Our Mythologies: Divinity in Dance

Tandava Arts, in partnership with the IndoRican Multicultural Dance Project, launches into a celebration of the sacred dances and mythologies of diverse cultures. Throughout the world, ritual dance and its underlying mythologies have connected us — with powerful sound and movement — to the rhythmic, cyclical forces of creation. Performances at this Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Theatre production will range from the healing dances of the Italian Tarantella to the Egyptian Zar to the mythic storytelling of Polynesian dance.



Saturday, June 17, 2017 | 7pm

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Theater

120 West 46th Street NYC





Alesandra Belloni and Francesca Silvano

                    Tarantella (Italian)

IndoRican Multicultural Dance Project

                    "Taino Reign" (Puerto Rican)

Julia Kulakova and Bahar Dance

                   Whirling (Sufi)

Kaitlin Hines / RAQS UNCOMMON

                    Zar (Egyptian)


Lei Pasifika

                   Otea/Aparima (Polynesian)

Luis Ramos

                   Grass Dance (Native American)


$21 online at

$30 at door

$10 for seniors, students, veterans with ID, cash at door. (Please secure your seat by making a reservation at 212-229-7852)




A portion of the proceeds from this event will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation.


This event is not endorsed or sponsored by the Department of Education.

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