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Can bellydance heal the body, stimulate the soul and change your life?


Find out in this poignant, compelling, and wickedly funny solo theater show exploring themes of feminine empowerment, body-image and the transformative power of dance. In a whirlwind 2-hour monologue-in-movement under the insightful direction of Jeffrey Fiske (The Screwtape Letters, Boudica), Henning traces her personal experience with bellydance as well as the dance's authentic cultural roots and positive effects on both body and soul.


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Blood on the Veil will tour in the Fall of 2017.


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"Mesmerizing... electrifying... and fascinating… her passionately delivered monologues laced with humor [are] … a glorious lesson in the full scope of what this art form really is all about." 


     –Sondra Forsyth, 


"There are so many misconceptions about belly dancing and Tandava covers them all through her heart shaking and inspiring stories ... of her journey to belly dancing that are so vivid and worded well enough to make you feel as if you were there with her." 


     –Satara Singleton,


"ENCHANTING, you will laugh, cry and relate to the characters in the play. A MUST-SEE piece of theater." 


     –Sofia Davis, Editor-in-Chief, Fashion Ave News Magazine


Audiences rave: "Beautiful, moving, touching, humorous and engaging" ... "A must-see for every woman who has struggled with self-image" ... "A great insight into the personal realm of being a bellydancer" ... "Men who RESPECT this artform ... please go see this ... it is her story ... but it is OUR story" ... "Refined, filled with subtle nuance, and just plain beautiful to behold" ... "Spectacular ... transcendent and ... mesmerizing!"


Previous performances have been at NYC's Richmond Shepard Theatre, Write Act Repertory Theater, Stage Left Studio, the 2012 United Solo Festival, Theater for the New City, Orlando's John & Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Theater, at San Francisco's EXIT Stage Left Theater, Greenlawn, Long Island's Moose Lodge, Philadelphia's CEC Center for the Arts, and Boston's venerable Cambridge YMCA Theatre.

For more information, please visit our “About the Show” page.