Learn to Bellydance with Tandava Arts!

Fridays at 7pm:    SharQuí – The Bellydance Workout®

Sundays at 3pm:

Basic Bellydance Technique & Choreography

[Note we are at Champions Studios this Sunday 9/23, 257 W 39th 14th Fl]

Mondays at 8pm: Basic Bellydance with Props

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Just call 212.229.7852 or email tandavaartsinfo@gmail.com with your voucher number.

SharQuí – The Bellydance Workout®

Shimmy your way to a stronger, more confident body in this 

60-minute revolutionary workout taking the U.S. by storm!!


Fridays at 7pm


Burn calories and learn to bellydance with SharQui – The bellydance workout®, a dance-fitness class that is great for anyone of any age or skill level. The unique breakdown and repetition of bellydance movements is fun and easy to follow automatically improving your posture, slimming hips and legs, defining the waist, increasing upper body strength, and burning more than 350 calories per hour!


Whether you want to learn to bellydance, strengthen your dance technique, or just want to move your body and have fun, this class is perfect for you!



Basic Bellydance Technique & Choreography

[Note we are at Champions Studios this Sunday 9/23, 257 W 39th 14th Fl] 


Learn a full bellydance choreography every 6 to 8 weeks!!


Sundays at 3pm


Explore Egyptian-style technique as you learn a complete bellydance choreography that can be performed for friends and family, as a solo or in a group. Each move is broken down to make it easy to do, and handouts, videos, and other instructional materials are provided so you can practice at home. 


Performance opportunities will be given to students who successfully complete each choreography!



Basic Bellydance with Props

Explore the Magical World of Bellydance Props!!


Mondays at 8pm


Study strong, "juicy" Egyptian-based bellydance technique in this open-level class as you learn to incorporate many exciting and beautiful bellydance props such as:

  • Finger Cymbals (Zills/Sagat)
  • Veil
  • Fan Veil
  • Fan
  • Wings
  • Candles
  • Cane
  • Sword

In July & August of 2018 we will focus on cane dance (raqs assaya), learning how to twirl, frame, and strike the cane in an authentic Egyptian dance.

Unless otherwise noted above

classes are held at


Bellydance America Studios

265 West 37th Street & 8th Ave NYC

Suite 206


For info call 212-229-7852


$15 at the door 

$39 for a 3-class card (good for 2 months)

$60 for a 5-class card (good for 3 months)

$100 for a 10-class card (good for 6 months)


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