Blood on the Veil is an enthralling and enlightening evening of theater that is praised by audience and critics alike as “heart shaking and inspiring,” (, “ENCHANTING...a MUST-SEE piece of theater,” (Fashion Avenue News), and “mesmerizing... electrifying... and fascinating… her passionately delivered monologues laced with humor [are] … a glorious lesson in the full scope of what this art form really is all about.” (


The show combines autobiographical storytelling conveyed through spoken word and movement, recounting my personal journey into bellydance, and its positive effects on body and soul. It further delves into the different styles of dance, as well as its historical roots feminine ritual and folk dance.


Please take a moment to look at our promotional video as well as our feature in Huffington Post.  


Through this show, bellydancers find their love for the art is reinvigorated, and non-dancers gain new respect for a dance they had previously believed was only for seduction.


And at the end of the evening, the entire audience is invited onto the stage for an impromptu hafla, culminating in a beautiful celebration of dance and life!


Blood on the Veil “travels light,” with very few technical requirements and no set. 


Current Requirements:


  1. A bare stage (a black box or proscenium theater is preferred);
  2. A professional sound system;
  3. Theatrical lighting (a general wash and 3 specials)
  4. A backstage area for changing
  5. A prop table near the stage (a backstage location is preferred)
  6. An audience. 


Blood on the Veil can be performed as a solo show, or it can include participation by as many as 20 local performers who join me in the climactic cane dance, perform pre-show solos, briefly showcase their favorite prop in the Parade of Props, or emcee the entire event. 


The evening can also include a special showcase by your community’s Master Teacher -- this is a dancer who is over age 45 and has performed bellydance professionally for over 25 years.


Throughout the evening, the audience enjoys the rich depth and variety of our dance and grows to appreciate the powerful artistry required to learn and perform bellydance.


On the following day, audience and cast members can join me for a workshop focused on theatrical dance such as:  Emotional Expression in Theatrical Dance (which was recently featured in Zaghareet Magazine) or How to Dance Funny—On Purpose! Exploring the Art of Comedy in Dance.


Please send inquiries to:

I look forward to sharing this exciting event with your community!


Carol Tandava Henning