What do you get when you cross stand-up comedy with a crash course in bellydance?


Blood on the Veil is an enthralling and enlightening evening of theater that is praised by audience and critics alike as “heart shaking and inspiring,” (ReviewFix.com), “ENCHANTING...a MUST-SEE piece of theater,” (Fashion Avenue News), and “mesmerizing... electrifying... and fascinating… her passionately delivered monologues laced with humor [are] … a glorious lesson in the full scope of what this art form really is all about.” (BroadwayWorld.com).


The show combines autobiographical storytelling conveyed through spoken word and movement, recounting a personal journey into bellydance, and its positive effects on body and soul. It further delves into the different styles of dance, as well as its historical roots feminine ritual and folk dance.


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Through this show, bellydancers find their love for the art is reinvigorated, and non-dancers gain new respect for a dance forn they had previously believed was only for seduction.


And at the end of the evening, the entire audience is invited onto the stage for an impromptu hafla, culminating in a beautiful celebration of dance and life!


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