"Mesmerizing... electrifying... and fascinating... her passionately delivered monologues laced

with humor [are] ... a glorious lesson in the full scope of what this art form really is all about." 



     –Sondra Forsyth, BroadwayWorld.com


"There are so many misconceptions about belly dancing and Tandava covers them all through her 

heart shaking and inspiring stories ... of her journey to belly dancing that are so vivid and worded 

well enough to make you feel as if you were there with her.


    –Satara Singleton, ReviewFix.com


      –Mario Fratti, Oggi




"On the Middle East there is also an enjoyable evening of theater at the Theater for the New City 

(155 First Avenue). Blood on the Veil, written and choreographed by the talented Carol Tandava 

Henning. The world of the beautiful, sexy bellydancer and the transformation of the divine 

feminine. Also explained is how they came to be considered sexual objects to be exploited while 

Muslim men kept their wives and daughters locked up at home. All were good and convincing as 

dancers and actresses: Carol, Kaitlin, Julia Kulakova, Kris Amez. Much applause, a beautiful 



“This story of physical and emotional healing, told with passion and gentle humor, is transformative; the audience, like Tandava, may emerge with a new perception of strength…and of beauty.”


     –Dave Gallagher, Bellydance New England

"Blood on the Veil is ENCHANTING, you will laugh, cry and relate to the characters in the play. A MUST-SEE piece of theater."


     –Sofia Davis, Editor-in-Chief, Fashion Ave News